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The BeoLink Gateway is developed with the purpose to integrate Bang & Olufsen BeoLink systems (audio and video products) with one or more home automation systems. The BeoLink Gateway is the successor of the Master Link Gateway. The BeoLink Gateway is an interface between the Bang & Olufsen BeoLink system on one side and one or more dedicated Home Automation systems on the other side. The Bang & Olufsen BeoLink systems comprises audio and video products regardless of being part of a Network Link system or a Master link system. The Home Automation systems connects regardless of using Ethernet connection or RS232 protocol connection and almost all home automation systems are automatically supported or can be programmed into the solution. This enables smooth control and operation in both directions and thereby full control of the home no matter where the handling takes place. The BeoLink Gateway provides support in two ways: - Hassle free installation of Bang & Olufsen A/V systems with other control systems and with no use of extra boxes. This is due to the fact that BeoLink Gateway gets use of an open Ethernet based protocol. - Control of the entire home takes in principle place via one remote unit either a Bang & Olufsen remote control, a BeoRemote App or the overlay menus on the TV. Furthermore the installation can be connected to via the Web-interface from anywhere in the Internet. The concept also supports in easy setup, integration and even easy event programming which means seamless integration of the systems. As such the daily handling takes place using just one touch on the remote to match the moods matching the daily activities.

1703 Beolink Gateway

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