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The BeoSound 35 is a new, high-quality, intelligent multi-room audio system. It is the successor of the BeoLab 3500, but it is much more than just a speaker. The BeoSound 35 can be used as a link room product or as a stand-alone high-end audio system - just like the BeoLab 3500. It offers an excellent and very balanced sound profile, which fills the whole room with a wide soundstage and creates a pleasant listening experience in any room. The BeoSound 35 has an intuitive user interface with display. The special design from Bang & Olufsen can be placed flexibly and easily connect to mobile devices. All this combined in one and the same product in special Bang & Olufsen design. It also allows direct access to music streaming services.


The BeoSound 35 integrates seamlessly into the interior design and allows for easy playback of digital music in daily life.

BeoSound 35 incl. Cover - alu, brass tone

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