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  • Power Module with EcoSystemR The Power Module with EcoSystemR unit is a DIN-rail mounted EcoSystem® Loop controller for EcoSystemR ballasts, drivers and devices. It provides EcoSystemR Loop power and control for two independent EcoSystemR Loops with up to 64 ballasts or drivers each. Features • Provides EcoSystemR Loop power for two loops of EcoSystemR ballasts or drivers (up to 250 mA per loop). • Power failure memory retains control unit programming in the event of a power loss. • Includes QS Link for connection to a HomeWorksR QS system. • Power Module with EcoSystemR unit can be used in a HomeWorksR QS system to control and manage light in an entire home or building.

LQSE-2ECO-D EcoSystemTM, 2 Loops with 64 Ballasts each

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