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Kit di guide (chassis) serie B01.


  • Model:RAIL-B01


    Category: Rail

    Description: Rail kit for 2U rackmount models: TVS-x71U, TS-x53U, x70U, x69U

    EAN: 4712511123586

    UPC: 885022003549

    Dimension:  780 x 97 x 55mm (3.07 x  3.82 x 2.17 inch)

    Weight: 2.25kg (4.96lb)

    please make sure the server racks conform to the following criteria: 
    1. Rack size 
    A. Mounting post width: ≥ 451mm 
    B. Panel width: ≥ 485mm 
    C. Mounting post depth: 555 ~757mm

    2. The optional rack kits for rack mount models are only compatible with square-hole server racks.

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